Why should I use the services of a Geriatric Care Manager?

Geriatric Care Managers have expertise to share that can save you time and money. A GCM has the knowledge and experience to provide expert advice as well as refer to other vetted eldercare professionals.

Where do you conduct your assessments?

We prefer to do assessments in the environment in which the senior lives, whether that be at home, with family, or in a long-term care facility.

How long does a geriatric assessment take?

That depends entirely upon the nature and complexity of the case. An assessment can take anywhere from one to three hours.

Can I meet with you before you meet with my loved one?

Yes. Consultations are sometimes scheduled with family members in advance of meeting with the older relative. This is helpful if there are issues to be discussed that may be uncomfortable to share in front of your loved one. This is particularly appropriate when family dynamics are an issue.

Do I have to speak to my loved one and get their approval before we make an appointment for all of us to meet?

Yes. It is crucial to the process that decisions be made with  your loved one, not for  your loved one.

How far in advance do I have to make an appointment?

Appointments are usually scheduled a week or more ahead of time.

What information do I need to have available at the time of consultation?

Details on recent medical history are important. This includes surgeries, medications, and allergies. Information about treating physicians is helpful, as well as information on legal documents in place (e.g. a will, living will, and powers of attorney) and military service history, if applicable. It is good to know if the client has long-term-care insurance and what the policy covers. We also like to have contact information for any formal or informal caregivers.

I live out of state, but my loved one is in New Jersey. How can you help me?

We can create a care plan for your older relative, reach out and engage the services of other eldercare professionals, if necessary, and monitor the effectiveness of the plan. When appropriate, we can modify the plan to address the changing needs of your loved one. We can visit your relative on an agreed periodic basis and report to you regularly. We can do as much or as little as you would like us to.

Once services are in place, are you available for follow-up?

Certainly. We are available in-person, by phone, via email, and by text. The same hourly rates apply for these services.

Do you work with hospice?

Absolutely. Their services are invaluable in end-of-life situations.

Can you offer connections to caregiver support services?

Certainly. We can provide caregivers with detailed information on local support groups, individual counselors, and respite services.

How are your fees structured?

Fees are based on an hourly rate and are usually private pay. There is an additional flat fee for travel outside Morris County, NJ. If the older person has long-term-care insurance, care management services are often covered.

Do you accept/provide referral fees from/to other eldercare providers?

Absolutely not. Referrals made to/from LHD Eldercare Solutions are strictly professional, completely unbiased, and directly related to the needs of the client.

Are you professionally insured?

Absolutely. LHD Eldercare Solutions is professionally insured by HPSO (Healthcare Providers Service Organization).